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Rabu, 15 Juni 2011

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Membuat Alexa Toolbar Untuk Blog

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Membuat Alexa Toolbar Untuk Blog

Alexa Toolbar Creator adalah fasilitas baru dalam Alexa (beta), Sobat dapat membuat toolbar blog Sobat sendiri yang dipasang di browser (Mozilla Firefox dan Internet Explorer). Toolbar ini berisi berbagai fitur toolbar yang akan menghubungkan browser dengan Blog Sobat, seperti Tombol logo (link menuju Blog sobat), Search Engine, Social networking (Facebook Page dan Twitter) Gmail, Dynamic content (RSS Reader) serta Alexa Rank Blog Sobat.

Fungsi dari toolbar ini pastilah untuk mengoptimasi blog Sobat, terutama di sisi Alexa serta mempermudah pengunjung untuk terhubung dengan Blog Sobat. Seperti yang saya kutip dari Alexa.

Why create a Toolbar?

Here are some reasons why a Toolbar might make sense for your business:

You need new channels to reach your audience. You already rely on your website, but most of your visitors probably don’t visit your site every day. This means they may miss any specials or temporary messages that you place on your site. You may also use email to reach your audience, but email response rates can be very low, even for interested subscribers. A Toolbar can message people with new alerts and keep these messages in front of people for hours or days.

You want to satisfy your most loyal/passionate fans or customers. If you are lucky enough to have some passionate customers or fans, a Toolbar may be a way to give them more of what they already love. A Toolbar can easily delight these fans by providing them with a steady stream of fresh content (articles or other updates) and quick access to your services.

You want to increase your revenue. If you make money when people visit your website, a Toolbar may help you generate incremental revenue. A Toolbar can generate repeat visits to your website, and depending on your business model, this could result in new sales, advertising impressions, leads, or other conversions.

Keterangan lebih lanjut silakan baca FAQs Alexa Toolbar Creator.

Untuk membuat Alexa Toolbar sangatlah mudah, yang terpenting Sobat telah memiliki akun alexa dan blog Sobat telah terdaftar dalam alexa. Berikut video cara membuat Alexa Toolbar sendiri.

Alexa Toolbar Catatan Ngeblog
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